RX is in the business of building businesses

Reed exhibitions evolves to RX, leveraging our strengths in building communities and expanding our role beyond annual exhibitions.

We take seriously the challenge to combine both digital and face-to-face interactions by creating better livelihoods for our customers and profoundly better experiences to connect our audiences.

In 2020, we began a vertiginous digital transformation at RX LATAM:

Discover how RX LATAM turns occasional touch-points into continuous connections with the right people to create more business opportunities than ever before:

The perfect solution focused on your needs and objectives: Awareness, Leads, Branding, Matchmaking.

We build content sessions to deliver the specialized content that the industry expects: Summits, Webinars, Showcases.

Day by day, we have built a community of more than 15 million buyers that can be reached through different products: blogs, mailing campaigns, social media, one on ones, etc.